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The reviews on this page are our own personal reviews on each of the different sets. We love Mega Bloks sets, they are usually cheaper than Lego but still have very good quality. As we puchase more sets we will add additional reviews.

Mega Bloks - Halo Wars UNSC Gremlin 96818

This was the first set we purchased.  This set comes with 225 pieces and includes a UNSC Green Marine and a Covenant Brute mini figures and includes a sticker sheet to put on the set once built.  The instructions were easy to follow and once built the vehicle held up really well when we rammed it into a wall.  In the past Mega Bloks seemed to have issues with the quality of the bricks and sets would regularly fall apart, sometimes at the slightest touch.  Hopefully they have got things right if the quality of this set is anything to go by.  

Mega Bloks - Halo Wars Green UNSC Spartan II Soldier 96816

Usually build-able figures only have 10-50 pieces but a number of the Mega Bloks Halo Wars build-able figures are in excess of 200.  The Green UNSC Spartan II soldier figure is one of them and comes in with a total 212 pieces.  The box also includes a Spartan shotgun and a pull out background scene.  Once built the figure as lots of movement because of it's ball and socket design.  The pieces stay together, dropped on the floor from around 4ft and it did not break apart.


Mega Bloks - Halo Wars UNSC Pelican Dropship 96824

One of the largest Halo Wars sets that Mega Bloks produces, this set contains a total of 944 pieces.  This is our latest set and we will update this section once we have had chance to review the set.



Mega Bloks - Halo Wars UNSC Scorpion 96807

There are a total of 278 pieces in the box.  The set includes the UNSC Scorpion model and 2 mini figures, 1 UNSC Spartan and 1 Covenant Elite.  The model holds together well, though some pieces did fall off when we dropped it on the floor.  The tank articulates just like you would expect a tank to do and the stickers that come with the set are transparent making the whole model more realistic than stickers with a while background.  The instructions for building the set are clear, though it is a good idea to sort our all the pieces first to make it easier to build.


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